SZABIST hosted

Naya Dour Naya Karobar To encourage entrepreneurship, academia industry linkages
d promoting culture of startups
On October 11, 2022 at Auditorium of 99 Campus SZABIST Karachi.

According to PACRA study Construction sector is estimated to expand by a staggering 92 percent in seven years from Rs1409 billion in FY2021 to Rs2706 billion by FY2029, at an annual rate of 11.8 percent, mainly on the strength of infrastructure and housing projects. Pilot Asiaf Sheikh Javaid the Vice President Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI) 2019 shared the potential of this sector.

To encourage entrepreneurship, academia industry linkages and promoting culture of startups an event was organized with the thematic name Naya Dour Naya Karobar by Office of Research Innovation & Commercialization on October 11, 2022 at Auditorium of 99 Campus SZABIST Karachi.

Pilot Asif added that although leather and textile industries are one of major export contributors in Pakistan but growth in construction sector has also attracted new avenues of business. Rural to urban migration is the major factor of this growth

He shared about his journey of entrepreneurship as an example and said while some people or companies may catch a lucky break, true success doesn’t happen overnight. Instead, it requires patience and slow, steady, hard work. If you don’t rush life, you’ll find the rewards are sweeter, stronger, and longerlasting.

He advised the FYP students to maintain a habit to visit local Chambers of Commerce & Industries and get membership of its committees.

Dr. Bilal Ahmed the Director ORIC SZABIST said Pakistan, among other Asian countries which is far behind in the development of strong academiaindustry linkage. Commercialization of high technology products only becomes possible through this linkage.

He requested Pilot Asif to cherry pick some FYP students and nominate them for KCCI sub
committee membership.

Dr. Bilal also advised the students to fill Federation of Cha
mbers and Commerce & Industries (FPCCI) committee membership form. ORIC SZABIST definitely facilitates the interested students of SZABIST.

Mr. Nayyar Ahmed Siddiqui the organizer of this event
conveyed letter of thanks to Piolet Asif Sheikh Javaid. The session ended with the standing ovation from the students.