Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) in compliance with the Medium-Term Development Plan puts explicit weightage on Knowledge Economy academic research and its commercialization through Industry.

Technology Development Fund (TDF) is a unique funding opportunity provided by HEC with the partnership of World Bank that converted theoretical research of Higher Educational Institutions in Pakistan and converted it into commercial entity. Core Objectives of Technology Development Fund described by HEC is given as under:

  1. Number of PhD Faculty raised manifolds with inception of HEC since 2002,
  2. Well-equipped Universities are acting as Engine for Growth with developed Research Culture
  3. The sole missing link is commercializing of the academic research because of non-availability of funds and know-how for this cycle
  4. To unlock and exchange the universities’ knowledge and expertise Technology Development Fund- A platform for technical and financial resource.


In continuation of HEC research funding opportunities provided by HEC ORIC SZABIST has started a series of briefing sessions with the faculty in different departments of Karachi campus. Similarly as a custodian of research in SZABIST, ORIC scheduled briefing sessions of the 4th call of TDF in Hyderabad and Larkana campus as well.

Ms. Amber Nasreen Anjum the Manager Research Operation and Development lead this funding opportunity and advocacy campaign with Mr. Nayyar Ahmed Siddiqui a Research Associate ORIC.

She proposed the following execution plan to disseminate the TDF information among faculty members and to provide maximum guidance and assistance in procedural activities for the successful submission of proposals on time.

ActivityAudience /ReceiversDay & Date
Launching of TDF
Campaign for 2022
Interactive Session in Board Room17th Nov 2022
Focused Faculty Group
Sessions (Venue confirmation will be
shared with all groups on email)
Faculty of Biosciences
Faculty of Computer Sciences
Faculty of Management Sciences
Faculty of Mechatronics
Faculty of Social Sciences &
22nd Nov 2022
22nd Nov 2022
23rd Nov 2022
24TH Nov 2022
Visit Hyderabad to
mobilize faculty of both
Hyd & Lark campuses
The session with the Faculty of Hyderabad
and Larkana
25th Nov 2022 Conditioned with Approval
Follow-up meetings on
queries and support
material from industry etc.
across campuses (online)
Random meetings in Meeting Room
99 Campus
1st-3rd Dec 2022 2pm -4pm
Abstract/Concept Note
across campuses
All Prospects5th Dec 2022
Ethical Review Board
across campuses
IERB Committee6th to 10th Dec (as per decision)
University Support Letter
across campuses
VP Academics12th & 13th Dec 2022
Declaration certificate
signing across campuses
President14th & 15th Dec 2022
Submission Deadline
across campuses
All prospective PIsBy 20th December on
HEC portal

ORIC Team conducted awareness sessions with the faculty members of Management Sciences, Computer Sciences, Mechatronics, Social Sciences and Life Sciences in SZABIST Karachi during November 17 to November 24, 2022 and answer their quires regarding proposal submission, comments on the previously submitted proposals, right of appeal, Business Proposal, role of Principal Investigator (P.I), and Co. P.Is.

Training and Development with special focus to Proposal Submission was the primary area of development where ORIC can facilitate the faculty of SZABIST.

Dr. Bilal Ahmed the Director ORIC along-with Mr. Nayyar Ahmed Siddiqui visited SZABIST Hyderabad campus on November 25, 2022 where they delivered the same briefing about the fourth

4th Call of TDF 2022-23. The faculty members of Larkana Campus were also invited there to attend the session.

“The 4th Call for Proposals for Technology Development Fund (TDF) 2022-23 is now open. The last date for submission of applications is December 20th, 2022”.

He shared with the faculty that around two hundred (200) project approved against three calls of TDF during 2006-2019. Out of 200 awarded projects 176 are completed and whereas remaining are at different stages of implementation with expected completion by December 2022. Over 100 impact factor publications are made, while others are submitted to international peer-reviewed journals, 150 prototypes/processes have been developed while 23 are under development against the PC-I target of developing 75 prototypes. 160 products licensed to Industry and over 20 launched as spinoffs spearheaded by faculty against the PC-I target of 20 products. 41 National/ International Patents granted/ 50 plus filed while many are in the preparation phase.

Similarly, TDF bridges the academia – industry gap through chambers of commerce & Industry and achieved following objectives:

  1. University-Industry Linkages Committees by regional Chambers of Commerce & Industry
  2. More than dozens University-Industry Linkages meetings and Roundtables
  3. Identification of Areas of cooperation/ collaboration to solve problems of local industry
  4. 200 TDF projects partnered with 175 Industries across Pakistan
  5. Enabled academicians came out of HEIs and talk to industry for their problem solution

Faculty members of the SZABIST University may start proposal write-up independently or in collaboration with other higher educational institute members. Up to fourteen (14) million financial support may be available under this opportunity. The duration of research project under TDF program is 24 months which may extended for further 12 months in some special cases. Dr. Bilal shared some glimpse of TDF.

He also shared Project Cycle of TDF starting from Joint Academia-Industry Proposal, 4th stage Evaluation, Progress Report, Project Evaluation & Cosure, and finally Impact, Licensing, HR, Products Prototypes.

Dr. Bilal shared possible areas of research for TDF along-with the guidelines how to develop TDP proposal.

  1. Climate Change and its impact on socioeconomics of Pakistan (Agriculture, Food Security, Urban development, Pollution, Floods, Biodiversity Conservation, any other)
  2. Information and Technology/Computers (applications in Govt. services, health, textile, agriculture, dairy etc.) and Telecommunication
  3. Engineering Sciences, Micro Electronics, Water, Power Energy and Fleet Management
  4. Biotechnology and Allied fields (in health, agriculture, textile, leather, dairy etc.)
  5. Material Sciences/Man Made Material (Nanotechnology)
  6. Robotics, Defense and Military needs
  7. Any other applied discipline which is inductive or conducive to success of products developed or upscale the process of Industrial level manufacturing, commercialization, and business development

He explained TDF Proposal Submission Form and Budget Templet point by point and answer the quires of faculty of Hyderabad and Larkana Campuses. ORIC would not only provide support and assistance in the process of your proposal development process but also help in the complete process of Project Cycle of TDF.

Through this opportunity knowledge will be transformed for creativity and entrepreneurship to benefit students, industry and communities. Moreover, use of new technologies will help business and industry for value addition of goods and services. Finally Commercialization of cognitive knowledge would be the aftermath for entrepreneurs and society. Nayyar Ahmed Siddiqui, the Research Associate of ORIC SZABIST shared the opportunities of TDF Fund.

He also shared the component of Business Model that includes an Executive Summary, Business Description, Product Description, Potential Customers and Users, Marketing Proposal or Strategy, Competitive Analysis, Operational and Management Plan, and Financial Plan.

Mr. Nayyar shared ORIC Note of TDF Call Campaign for 2022-23 across SZABIST and important dates for submission of proposal. He pointed out that ORIC dedicated team is available in SZABIST Karachi Campus physically and online for other campuses for follow-up meetings, queries and support. The last date for internal submission of your abstract/concept note submission is December 05, 2022.

The Institutional Ethical Review Board IERB would be conducted tentatively in between 6th to 10 December as per the availability of IERB Committee. Similarly, University Support Letters and Declaration Certificates would be issued up to December 15, 2022 after the successful compliance of IERB review.

Team ORIC successfully completed TDF advocacy campaign in SZABIST on November 25, 2022

Nayyar Ahmed Siddiqui

Research Associate