A session was conducted in the 99 Campus Board Room with the faculty members of SZABIST on the subject Max Planck Program Opportunities on March 22, 2022 at 2:00 p.m.

To develop the soft image through linkages and networking Pakistan Embassy in Berlin has approached Max Planck Institute of Germany for future relations in field of research and education. Mobility Grants, Partner Groups, Tandem Groups and Kickoff workshops are the areas where SZABIST can develop its vertical linkages with Max Planck Institute.

Access to research knowledge comes at a high price around the world. In Germany the libraries of universities and research institutes spend around 200 million euro annually on subscriptions. Internationally, a total of 7.6 billion euro is paid to publishers in subscriptions. Similarly, excellence in Germany is not concentrated at a small number of locations but is instead distributed nationwide. Therefore, in order to develop Research and Development initiatives it would be the opportunity for SZABIST faculty to avail this opportunity.

Pakistani embassy will provide technical assistance. This initiative will not only improve the quality of research work in Pakistan but also developed bilateral cultural relationship. Group Capt. Saqib Hameed the focal person from Embassy of Pakistan in Berlin pointed out while addressing with the faculty members of SZABIST.

The faculty members of SZABIST took keen interest and requested ORIC SZABIST to bridge this opportunity.