Ultimate Master Class for Digital Entrepreneurship (Foundation Level)

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Course Description

 1. Course Specifications:

Course Code:              TBA
Course Title (Full):      Ultimate Master Class for Digital Entrepreneurship (Foundation Level)
Course Title (Short):   Digital Entrepreneurship
Course Duration:         2 Months (8 Weeks)
Contact Hours:            45 (15 lecture hours + 30 Practical/Lab hours)

2. Course Description:

Ultimate Master Class for Digital Entrepreneurship (Foundation Level) is conceptual and practical course to establish understanding of Digital business sustainability and growth. This course covers emerging online technologies and their influence on the launch of entrepreneurial startups. Students will learn the fundamental skills needed to create or work for digital businesses, including: analyzing business models, marketing, selling and strategy. Students will receive first-hand accounts on the challenges that are faced when forming a sustainable technology business.

3. Course Rationale:

Four months course will teach students basic concepts of digital Entrepreneurship, main tools of analyzing the market and competition to introduce new products and services online that can lead to establishing sustainable companies using tools of analyzing competitors and exploring customer’s needs.

4. Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs):

CLO-01: Understand digital businesses, and how to create and evaluate business opportunities in the digital space.
CLO-02: Gain experience in essential business skills such as selling, marketing, communicating And working in teams.
CLO-03: Understand why businesses fail and how to avoid common pitfalls.
CLO-04: Set measurable business objectives (such as conversion goals), and monitor the success of those objectives through the use of web analytics.
CLO-05: Understanding the factors affecting customer’s behaviors.
CLO-06: Demonstrate familiarity with online technologies and platforms to assist with ideation, Product/service evaluation, online sales/marketing, distribution, fundraising, and customer service.
CLO-07: Soft skills for Digital – entrepreneurship and how to deal with challenges.

5. Course Assessments:
  • Quiz after completion of Each Module /Lecture
  • Assignments to assess and reinforce students understanding
  • Final project and presentation.
  • Viva /oral /Written Assessment before issuance of final certificate
6. Course Contents (Brief):

Module 01: Introduction to Digital entrepreneurship
Module 02: Launch a business-quality online presence, using widely available services
Module 03: Understand the basics of a content creation and how it can be used as the foundation for an internet business presence
Module 04: Business objectives and monitor the success of those objectives through the use of web analytics
Module 05: Understanding customer’s behaviors online
Module 06: Understand go-to-market and scalability issues

Eligibility Criteria
  • Open for both SZABISTIANS and Non-SZABISTIANS.
  • Open for Intermediate and Above students.
Course Takeaways

Develop an understanding of Business in a digital space, Identifying online business opportunities & imparting necessary business skills (Technical & Soft skills) for online business.