Ultimate Master Class for Social Media Marketing (Foundation Level)

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Course Description

1. Course Specifications:

Course Code:                        TBA
Course Title (Full):               Ultimate Master Class for Social Media Marketing (Foundation Level)
Course Title (Short):            Social Media Marketing
Course Duration:                 2 Months (8 Weeks)
Contact Hours:                     45 (15 lecture/discussion and 30 demo/lab/practice)

2. Course Description:

Ultimate Master Class for Social Media Marketing introduces students to the world of brands and their online presence. Today, leading online brands earn more profit than the GDP of some countries. They are a part and parcel of our daily lives. This makes it necessary to understand what really makes a brand success on the digital front, and ultimately how can you benefit from this opportunity.

3. Course Rationale /Objectives:

This course will enable students to create and manage digital marketing campaigns, harness the power of social media marketing to generate sales and build a strong online presence.

4. Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs):

CLO-01: Develop comprehensive understanding of brands.
CLO-02: Building Digital Marketing campaigns from scratch.
CLO-03: Optimizing campaigns for higher ROI.
CLO-04: Making a strong online presence for any kind of business.
CLO-05: Achieving business objectives through digital marketing.

5. Course Assessments:
  • Formative and summative assessments
  • Quiz after every video /lecture
  • Assignments according to trainer discretion
  • Viva Assignment after completion of course before issuance of Certificate
6. Course Contents (Brief):

Module 01: Understanding brands
Module 02: Social Media Ads – Concepts
Module 03: Use of multiple platforms for meeting KPIs
Module 04: What are KPIs
Module 05: How to plan & strategize Ad campaigns
Module 06: How to track conversions and KPIs
Module 07: Basics of Design
Module 08: Understanding customer’s behaviors online
Module 09: Understand go-to-market and scalability issues

Eligibility Criteria
  • Open for both SZABISTIANS and Non-SZABISTIANS.
  • Open for Intermediate and Above students.
Course Takeaways

Develop an understanding of Brands, learn Digital Marketing Campaigns & tools for strong online presence for digital business.