Ultimate Master Class for VIRTUAL ASSISTANT’s (Amazon.com)

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Course Description

1. Course Specifications:

Course Code:               TBA
Course Title (Full):       Ultimate Master Class for VIRTUAL ASSISTANT’s (Amazon.com)
Course Title (Short):    Virtual Assistant (Amazon.com)
Course Duration:          2 Months (8 Weeks)
Contact Hours:             45 (15 lecture/discussion and 30 demo/practice)

2. Course Description:

Virtual Assistant (VA) is someone who provides online/offsite support to Amazon private label / wholesale business owners. An Amazon VA comes with an array of skills and can perform multiple tasks to help grow Amazon businesses. The VA industry is booming mainly because of the overwhelming charm of working from home. This course is designed to give the edge by sharing proven processes of becoming a successful VA for Amazon marketplaces. In this course each module covers an essential theme theoretically as well as practically under mentorship of successful Seller/Trainer.

3. Course Goals:

This course will enable the students to become expert and productive Virtual Assistants. Students will learn ways of undertaking projects be it product Hunting or a product Launching along with managing every aspect of Amazon Seller Central Account while working from the comfort of their homes. Expert Virtual Assistants can manage designing of Amazon Store, PPC [Pay per Click], EBC [Enhanced Brand Content] and all other technical tasks. This course will deliver all skills necessary for an Amazon VA using an optimal blend of pedagogical and anagogical techniques.

4. Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs):

CLO-01: Understand the Ecommerce ecosystem and grasp the distinguishing role of Amazon within this ecosystem.
CLO-02: Identify products using appropriate tools which will become bestsellers in the chosen category.
CLO-03: Evaluate success of a product using appropriately researched data.
CLO-04: Source a product through distributors/whole sellers successfully.
CLO-05: Create a prime product listing employing the best combination of optimal keywords.
CLO-06: Rank a product to the top by commissioning an efficient combination of marketing campaigns.
CLO-07: Manage all the activities, related to managing Amazon seller accounts, effectively.
CLO-08: Gain Hands on experience of Virtual Assistantship by practical work including Assessments.

5. Course Assessments:
  • Formative and summative assessments
  • Quiz after every video /lecture
  • Assignments according to trainer discretion
  • Viva Assessment after completion of course before issuance of Certificate
  • As per Institution policy or may be mutually agreed
 6. Course Policies:
  • 80 Percent attendance is mandatory
  • Non issuance of Certificate if students are unable to clear VIVA /Written Assessment
7. Course Contents (Brief):

Module 01: Introduction to Ecommerce, Amazon Seller Central Account Opening
Module 02: Product Prospecting & Product Research, Profit Calculation using FBA calculator, Product Patent Check, Brand Name Finalization and its trademark registration
Module 03: Product Sourcing and Finalization of Supplier
Module 04: Product Listing, Creating Shipments Plans
Module 05: Product Launch, Getting initial safe reviews
Module 06: PPC Campaigns Initiation and Management
Module 07: Order Management, Handling Complaints/Returns/Refunds, Monitoring Account Health, Appeals/Cases/Reports, and Customer Service
Module 08: Store Front and A +/ EBC Design

Eligibility Criteria
  • Open for both SZABISTIANS and Non-SZABISTIANS.
  • Open for Intermediate and Above students.
    Course Takeaways

    Understand the role of Amazon in eCommerce ecosystem through exploring the domains such as Product Hunting, Product Sourcing, Product Listing & Product Ranking along with Virtual Assistance ship & managing similar Amazon activities.