Thursday 10th March 2022
Held @ Auditorium – 99 Campus

SZABIST, Team ORIC (Office of Research Innovation & Commercialization) has initiated a Ecommerce Seminar “Identifying Emerging Trends in the Ecommerce Space”.

Ecommerce Success Pakistan Pvt Ltd is a well-known ecommerce training and service provider firm with a community of 160k+ members across different social media platforms. ESP has been providing numerous opportunities to the youth of Pakistan. ESP is conducting seminars to raise awareness and promote the entrepreneurial mindset among the people of Pakistan.

The seminar has covered, Promoting entrepreneurial mindset among the students, How students can start their own businesses, What is the scope of e-commerce industry in Pakistan?, How ETSY market works, Etsy and its business models, Role of ESP in Pakistani e-commerce industry.

The Seminar was hosted and organized by Ms. Zareesh Zehra- Research Associate, whereas Mr.Huzaifa Ali, CEO & Founder of Ecommerce Success Pakistan (ESP) was the guest speaker.

The follow-up of sessions are also in progress Although as a part of social service Women Agriculture Development Organization..(WADO) has been connected E-commerce Success Pakistan (ESP) for ETSY.

Computer Science and Management Sciences Final year students attended the session Session ends after question answer session from students along with thanking note and shields were presented as token of appreciation. ORIC is looking forward to continue the follow-up sessions.

News Report by:

Zareesh Zehra
Research Associate