“Department of Humanities- NED”
 Academia Visit
 Tuesday 1st June’2021
 Held @ Department of Humanities, NED University of
 Engineering & Technology.

SZABIST, Team ORIC (Office of Research Innovation & Commercialization) went to the Department of Humanities, NED University of Engineering & Technology.

Ms. Amber Nasreen and Ms. Zareesh Zehra meet with DR. Sajida Zaki (Professor and Chairperson, Dept. of Humanities), the purpose of the meeting was to discuss the ideas for digital humanities.

Dr. Sajida Zaki shares her tremendous vision and immense wisdom about what we need to do to make people aware of digital humanities, its implementations, and practical possibilities to connect human micro issues with digital solutions and bring sustainability to society.

Team ORIC now starts working on digital humanities database to bring some productivity to SZABIST in Digital Humanities discipline.

ORIC is looking forward to conducting a seminar with Dr. Sajida Zaki to benefit our students and faculty with her expertise in upcoming month.

News Report by:
Zareesh Zehra
Research Associate