Preparatory Meeting with Head of Departments (HODs) of SZABIST on FYP Conference held on January 13, 2022 at 99 Campus Meeting Room


To encourage the efforts of the student not only in terms of grading but also in terms of rewarding, ORIC started an initiative to organize a Final Year Project Conference (FYP Conference). This initiative would provide an opportunity to the final year students to explore further collaboration and establish their link with the industry.

In order to align this objective an internal meeting was hosted by ORIC SZABIST in “99 Campus Meeting Room” with the Head of Departments (HODs) of SZABIST Karachi. The objective of this meeting was to align the modalities of FYP Conference.

Addressing with the HODs Dr. Bilal said main purpose behind establishing ORICs was to manage intellectual assets from academia and converting them into technologies for strengthening industry and giving benefits to broader society, thus, ORICs are expected to intensely perform in key domains like applied research, innovation, and commercialization through collaborations with industries as well as driving entrepreneurship clusters.

Commercialization is one of most important functions of ORIC as it involves developing commercial feasibilities and business plans, finding partnerships for research projects and also during the technology / product development phase, exploring new opportunities for contract research and marketing technologies / patents. FYP Conference is a startup effort from ORIC to encourage undergraduate students into the activity of Commercialization.

Similarly, industry has very little experience of working with academia to carry out joint technology / product development projects. Moreover, trust deficit also exists between academia and industry given the different motivations of the two key stakeholders. The trust gap widens when industry and academia does not interact with each other or a joint effort does not succeed. Regular interaction and exchange of ideas between faculty and industry minimize the trust gap. In this context FYP Conference would be a beneficial event to link industry with the academia.