Solid Waste Management for Clean & Green Environment Training Session at NCRD Chak Shahzad

Following are the highlights of all Five Days activities at AHKNCRD.

Monday Feb 7, 2022 ⦁ Session inaugurated at 10:00am with recitation and formal greetings with individual introductions.

⦁ A small presentation on NCRD aims & objectives was given by Dr. Zahid Hussain Research Officer & Program Coordinator.

⦁ Mr. Israr Mohammad Khan, Director General AHKNCRD addressed the participants to welcome them and discussed about the scope of the training session.

⦁ Dr. Muhammad Ibrar Shinwari, Chairman Department of Environmental Sciences from International Islamic University continued the session with theoretical details on the training subject.

⦁ Understanding and concept building on the solid waste management
⦁ Got Acquainted with co-participants and        shared  experiences and scope of working on the subject.
⦁ Diagnostic analyses on the core issues towards the problem
⦁ Need analyses of what and where to start to          deal with huge waste stocks in urban areas
⦁ Evaluation of the current efforts in progress by municipal agencies
Monday Feb 8, 2022 ⦁ A data presentation was given on solid waste collection, transportation and transfer by Dr. Ghulam Sarwar Sandhu, Former DG Civic Management, Capital Development Authority CDA Islamabad.

⦁ Second presentation of the day was given by Ms. Sumaira Gul, CEO Integral Resource Recovery Center (IRRC) Islamabad. She presented the solution based techniques of composite generation plants with solid waste. She also shared with participants a hard copy of IRRC annual report.

⦁ Understanding on the transportation                 techniques for solid waste
⦁ Understanding of open land sites for dumping waste
⦁ understanding of IRRC plants and its working feasibility.
Monday Feb 9, 2022 ⦁ A data presentation was given on Hazardous and Hospital Waste Management by Mr. Sibtain Ali, Environmental Engineer, Shifa International Hospital, Islamabad.

⦁ Second presentation of the day was a case study on Recovery and Recycling on Solid Waste Management which was presented by Mr. Hamid Iqbal, Sr. Manager Planning, Solid Waste Management Company Rawalpindi

⦁ Understanding on the Hazardous solid waste
⦁ Understanding on managing hazardous waste
⦁ A detailed briefing received on how Solid Waste Management Company Rawalpindi functions.
Monday Feb 10, 2022 4th Day of the training was dedicated for field visits.

Visit 1 was on Solid Waste Management Company Rawalpindi. The purpose of the visit to demonstrate the functioning of the company from collection to compression and then land fill. The company representative gave a detailed briefing on their working and challenges they are facing. On daily basis the company collects average 1000 ton waste from different points and send it to land fill.

Visit 2 was IRRC, Integral Resource Recovery Center Islamabad. Ms. Sumaira Gul CEO IRRC gave detailed briefing about every step of function from waste collection, segregation and making compost out of organic waste.

⦁ Live experience of and waste management company working and land filling.
⦁ Live working demonstration and briefing of IRRC system working.
Monday Feb 11, 2022 ⦁ A presentation was given on One Dimensional vs Multi-Dimensional Management Approaches by Dr. Sofia Khalid , Lecturer Department of Environmental Sciences, Fatimah Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi

Followed by the presentation Certificate Distribution Ceremony was held. Mr. Israr Mohammad Khan Director General AHKNCRD addressed the participants and received comments and suggestions of the participants. He appreciated SZABIST Participation and Initiative of presenting policy paper from the trainees’ forum. He was presented shield of ORIC to appreciate NCRD efforts of organizing such a useful training.

⦁ All participants suggestions were taken on a pre designed form to incorporate all valuable comments in the policy paper for which SZABIST has taken up the lead. I Have collected data and will share with you in office.