Dr. Bilal Ahmed

Designation: Director ORIC SZABIST
Email: dir.oric@szabist.edu.pk
Telephone: (021) 35821539-41 (EXT # 407)

Dr. Bilal Ahmed, Economist and earned Ph.D. in Economics from University of Karachi. He is a passionate researcher and professional in field of Industry-Academia Linkages through innovation and commercialization. He also worked as Director Research & Policy in FPCCI and having in-depth of trade, industry, and services and how academic linkages with industry can be capitalized into the welfare of society and business development in the economy.

He also worked as a consultant in local and global institutions including government projects in the field of Socioeconomic Research, Economics Freedom, Sustainable Development, Governance, Local Government, Decentralization, and Project Management — leaded tens of research projects.

Dr. Bilal has extensive experience of cross-sectional large scale surveys and studies in area of education, health, sustainable development, social economics and trade issues. During which he got the experience to conduct the hundreds of one-to-one interviews with respondents throughout country and region.

He is founder of HOW MUCH PAKISTAN initiative to describes the Pakistan with “Fact and Figures” in innovative and modern presentation. The primary purpose of this initiative is to address the question of progress and public awareness to contribute in economic development of Pakistan. Therefore, it is planned to address the 300+ basic indicators of Pakistan in context of How Much.

Dr. Bilal presented Islamic Republic of Pakistan internationally in tens of conferences and global trade forums. He also appears on national and international television on issues of economy and development.  He is passionate “Distance-Cyclist” and travelled through cycle around country and selected cities of China, Central Asia and Europe.

Ms. Amber Nasreen Anjum 

Designation: Manager Research Operations & Development SZABIST Karachi
Email: amber.nasreen@szabist.edu.pk
Telephone: (021) 35821537 (EXT # 295)

Ms. Amber Nasreen Anjum is a specialist linguist with MS in Applied Linguistics & Ph.D. Fellow of Applied Linguistics from University of Sindh Jamshoro. She is a committed and progressive professional with 15 years of experience in Academics, Research, Administrative and Publication. She has worked as Manager-ORIC and In-charge Directorate-ORIC of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University Nawabshah.

Ms. Amber found a courageous and determined lady in implementing the challenging tasks including extensive traveling to meet the quality of output. She also worked on the development of policy drafting pertaining to research project review, linkages and grants bidding. She is activist of innovative research to promote the harmony of society particularly in the context of rural women and ignored communities.

Ms. Amber is the narrator of Knowledge Economy and aggressively working on the promotion of indigenous entrepreneurship to welfare the society and economy through shared progress and initiate the trickledown of sustainable development. She is an artist loves to create and always look towards brighter side in life, she invests efforts to improve better environment to live for all. Her recent initiative of NET Zero Carbon Building project is in progress for SZABIST with industrial collaboration. Primarily she manages research project operations across SZABIST campuses, she works closely to orient faculty and students for new openings/calls for research funding both national and international. She arranges customized briefing sessions with faculty and help them in applying for funding with all required procedures. She corresponds with donor agencies and R&Ds in relevant industrial sectors on regular basis to bridge and provide better connectivity to support researchers. She has activated a regular Circulation Management Information System (ORIC-CMIS) to keep SZABISTians well informed and powered with openings and announcements of funding.

Ms. Amber has received many recognitions from social bodies particularly from youth affair committees. She advocates eastern norms and values. She has always been participative to contribute in the development of societal constructs, as teacher, researcher and advisor.

Mr. Nayyar Ahmed Siddiqui

Designation: Research Associate ORIC SZABIST Karachi
Email: nayyar.siddiqui@szabist.edu.pk
Telephone: ((021)35370546 (249)

Mr. Nayyar Ahmed Siddiqui has over 15 years of experience with Research & Development and assistance in Government and Non-Government Organizations (Federal Ministry of Labour Manpower, International Labour Organization, and Pakistan Institute of Labour Education and Research). Mr. Nayyar holds MS Management Science degree from Muhammad Ali Jinnah University Islamabad and Masters Economic & Finance from University of Karachi.

Having in hand expertise of operational research Mr. Nayyar is working on ORIC database, mentoring research activities including research contract and consultancies – developing strategic plans, policies, procedures, and constructing KPI’s. Moreover, he is working on ‘Academia – Industry Linkages’, Intellectual Property (IP) Commercialization – Licensing and Royalty agreements, Prototype and Client Relation.

He is expert in Labour Economics, Project Management, and Strategic Management and successfully developed Labour Market Information & Analysis System of Pakistan.

Mr. Nayyar has professional association with International Labour Organization (ILO) Office Geneva, Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), and Human Resource Development Network (HRDN).

Beside academic activities Mr. Nayyar is a qualified grade one coach of International Table Tennis Federation. He has organized numerous national and provincial table tennis championships across Pakistan and currently holds honorary positions at Pakistan Table Tennis Federation and Sindh Table Tennis Association.

Dr. Khansa Zaman

Designation: ORIC-Focal Person SZABIST Islamabad
Email: dr.khansa@szabist-isb.edu.pk
Telephone: (051) 4863365

Dr. Khansa Zaman is Assistant Professor, Manager Executive Development & External Relations at SZABIST Islamabad Campus with practical experience in educational, corporate, media and development sector. Her academic/administrative exposure, research experience, book publications, and research articles in international journals have enriched her with understanding of Marketing and Management. The practical experience in education and development sector has groomed her well to pursue the events, trainings, marketing tasks and agendas in real terms.

Dr. Abdul Ghafoor Kazi

Designation: ORIC-Focal Person SZABIST Hyderabad
Email: abdulghafoor.kazi@hyd.szabist.edu.pk
Telephone: +92-22-2782442-3 (Ext # 132)

Dr. Abdul Ghafoor Kazi is seasoned professional graduated from UTHM Malaysia and serving the academia in Pakistan from more than a decade in multidimensional ways. His expertise lies as Senior Programmer and System Analyst and Student advisor. Dr. Kazi is experienced as Livelihood Officer in the projects of Department For International Development (DFID-UK), European Union (EU), and Oxfam GB). HE also served as Project Manager for different projects in collaboration with (UNDP, UNICEF, ODA-Japan), awareness campaigns (Election Commission of Pakistan, UNDP and UNESCO); and as a Manager Monitoring Evaluation and Research (TroCaire and CARE Internationals).

Mr. Farhan Pirani

Designation: Accountant ORIC- SZABIST Karachi
Email: farhan.pirani@szabist.edu.pk
Telephone: (021) 35821539-41 (427)

Mr. Farhan Pirani As an experienced Account Finance, Import & Export, Payroll, Administration professional and working in Pakistan Stock Exchange, I am utilizing my earlier experience and knowledge by contributing to the progress and advancement of the firm, I am putting my best use of my knowledge and experience while taking important decisions related to the company and for the people associated with it.

Mr. Junaid Javed

Designation: Administrative Assistant ORIC- SZABIST Karachi
Email: junaid.javed@szabist.edu.pk
Telephone: (021) 35821539-41 (EXT # 407)

Mr. Junaid Javed is a multitasking individual. He is working in SZABIST since 2015. He had joined SZABIST as an attendant in Academics Department and switched to ORIC- Offices of Research, Innovation, and Commercialization in 2019. He is currently working in ORIC as an Administrative Assistant. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in commerce in 2019 from Karachi University.

Junaid has also completed his Certification in Information Technology with 1st division. He is one of the energetic, promising member of team ORIC. He keep record of office data and maintain files up to date. He is also in line with professional cable operating network and an expert of internet cable operation system.

Mr. Kashan Islam

Designation: Office Attendant ORIC- SZABIST Karachi
Telephone: (021) 35821539-41 (EXT # 407)

Muhammad Kashan Islam is working as an attendant at ORIC SZABIST. He is currently studying B.com at Karachi University and completed I.com from Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto College. He is a passionate and hardworking individual. He has one-year of experience as a financial advisor from Pak Qatar Takaful Company along with six-month experience as an assistant at an event management organization.