Collaboration Meeting for Aviation Projects (AIM)-SZABIST
Monday, July 19, 2021
Held @ Board Room SZABIST

SZABIST, ORIC (Office of Research Innovation & Commercialization) initiated a Academic Collaboration with Aviation Institute of Management (AIM). AIMS also have regional representation of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

After the initial meeting, a proposal was submitted on March 29, 2021. This was the follow-up meeting considering first step towards a collaborative effort between the two institutions.

The meeting was chaired by Prof. Dr. Altaf Mukati-VP Academics whereas the following are the attendees.

  1. Dr. Faraz Junejo – HoD Mechatronics
  2. Dr. Imran Amin – HoD Computer Science
  3. Dr. Muhammad Kashif – HoD Management Science
  4. Dr. Bilal Ahmed – Director ORIC
  5. Ms. Zareesh Zehra – Research Associate ORIC

The five representatives from Aviation Institute of Management (AIM) are:

  1. Dr.Wali Mughni (Chairman, AIM)
  2. Mr.Azeez Siddiqui
  3. Wg Cdr Eng Zia ul Haq
  4. Capt Afsar Malik
  5. Capt Hadi Rizvi

The meeting formally begins at 11:30am with the formal introduction, and then Dr.Wali Mughni gives his presentation in which he briefs that International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) along with other organizations like Oxford Economics and IATA Economics have predicted that there will an acute shortage of Aviation professionals in the future. Whereas 15 domestic airlines are coming to be launch in line with CPEC. He also highlights the ups/downs and statistics of aviation before and after covid.

Mr. Mughni also share that in future around 67 new Pilots will be needed per day for 100 seats aircraft.

Dr. Mughni offers two Aviation related educational activities were identified as collaboration starters.

1. Certificate of Aviation Business Administration (CABA), 3 months course with 93 contact hours

Timings : 2:30PM to 4:00PM
Fees : 15000/- for complete 3 Months
Registration fees by SZABIST

CABA is a short but comprehensive program conducted online as well as in the Face-toFace classroom environment (hybrid). The course emphasizes personal grooming and soft skills enhancement along with essential knowledge about the core subjects of aviation, airline operations and aviation business administration.

2.  Virtual Reality Flying Experience ( Mixed Reality Experience)

Fees : Rs. 2,000 each per candidate
Processing fees by SZABIST

Total time at VR station for a group of 10 candidates shall approximately 3 hours for the scheduled VRFE. The group of 5-10 students would be given a introductory and Pre-Flight briefing – about 30 minutes. 10 students would take about 2.5 hours (one flies while others observe). Groups of 5-10 students are scheduled for the VRFE (Virtual Reality Flying Experience) at AIM’s facilities.

3. Virtual Reality Flying Training (VRFT)

Fees : 16000/- per student
Processing fees by SZABIST

This course will be for the students who are serious and passionate to become a pilot. Upon successful completion, complimentary membership of the Aviationizing Club – Smart Student package, Certificate of VRFT and a Flying Wing shall be awarded.


ALICANTO is formed for Aviation specific educational programs by ICAO.
ALICANTO represents universities from all over the world and is a global advocate for aviation education.

After the presentation, the forum was open for discussion. All the participants exchange their view and shows the concerns for benefits for these certifications and students interests. Dr. Mukati aslo shows interest in AIMS Modules, which are world recognized modules.

Aviation Institute of Management (AIM) would award the Certificates along with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and SZABIST logo.

Concluding note of the meeting are:

  • ORIC and AIMS will exchange their MOU drafts and makes the final copy of MOU.
  • A next meeting would be aligned for MOU signing ceremony.
  • CABA would be the top most then Virtual reality would needs to be further discuss.
  • Afterwards 8 Modules would also be consider to discuss.

The meeting end on the good note with the token of appreciations to the guests by SZABIST officials.

News Report by:
Zareesh Zehra
Research Associate