A higher level delegation of SZABIST visited Indus University Karachi on February 09, 2022 to discuss the agenda MOU of SZABIST with FPCCI on the platform of ANIUREC.

Question to address is that “How FPCCI will link to the Universities” there is a need to prepare Special Interest Groups (SIGs) among universities. Ms. Nasreen Haque, Vice President Development & Finance SZABIST University shared her views in the meeting. She also said that the purpose is capacity building of universities, and collaboration of faculties across different universities.

Mr Khalid Amin, Chancellor Indus University, shared his views in front of the participants of the meeting that seventy eight (78) out of 231 Universities of Pakistan have agreed to sign this agreement.
Upon mutual consent the following items were finalized for joint working relationship of ANIUREC:

  ⦁ An independent body will be formed that will oversee various activities of ANIUREC. The body will have dedicated staff, and an office.
⦁ FPCCI will not receive financial amount if a project is received by a university.
⦁ There is a need to create linkage with international institutes, but this will require international quality of work.
⦁ Project wise Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) needs to be defined.
⦁ The conflict resolution shall be agreed upon with mutual consent.
⦁ Chief Minister of Sindh may be requested in the signing of ceremony.

Participants from SZABIST University
⦁ Ms. Nasreen Haque, Vice President Development & Finance
⦁ Dr. Muhammad Kashif, Head of Department Management Science
⦁ Dr. Bilal Ahmed, Director ORIC
⦁ Ms. Naila Shah, Manager External Relation & Financial Assistance

Participants from Indus University
⦁ Mr. Khalid Amin, Chancellor
⦁ Prof. Dr. S. Zafar Nasir, Acting Vice Chancellor
⦁ Ms. Sheema Haider, Director QEC
⦁ Dr. Asim ur Rehman Khan, Director ORIC
⦁ Dr. Muneeza Danish, Head, Management Science Department
⦁ Ms. Arisha Maham, Deputy Director QEC
Mr. Furqan Baig, Manager Marketing