Kamyab Jawan Innovation League KJIL
Kamyab Jawan Program (KJP)

A session was held on December 14, 2021 at 2:30 P.M. in the board room of 99 Campus of Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of Information Technology to discuss credentials of Prime Minister’s Kamyab Jawan Program (KJP) with the faculty members of Computer Sciences, Life Sciences and Mechatronics

Dr. Bilal the Director ORIC SZABIST initiated the meeting and introduced himself as a member KJIL Project Expert Committee.

The faculty introduced themselves one by one and congratulate

Dr. Bilal gave overview of the program and pointed out that a bundle of opportunities available for the youth in Kamyab Jawan Scheme.

The establishment of Kamyab Jawan Program is to empower young people of Pakistan with skills set, resources & self-reliance opportunities.

Dr. Bilal shared the spending details of KJP for the last three years and government allocated rupees 100 Billion for the next three years.

The first components of KJP is Kamyab Jawan Loan Scheme and it has three tired structure for loan disbursement.

The faculty members took keen interest and asked Dr. Bilal about the procedures of getting loan through this scheme.

Dr. Bilal encourage women faculty members to take active part in this component since government allocated 25 percent of its spending on women. He explained debt to equity ratio, security requirements, and executing agency and its working behind this component.

Dr. Bilal shared what SZABIST can do to avail this loan scheme by the following stated strategy:

  1. Student Sessions can be conducted to avail stated loan along with documents and idea/proposal development
  2. The Final Years Projects and Pass-out students can be motivated through Management Science Entrepreneur Desk
  3. The Faculty can also apply to implement their ideas of research and Startups in collaboration with SZABIST

The second component of Kamyab Jawan Program is Kamyab Jawan Skill Scholarships and it is divided into two component namely Job Portal and vocational training.

National Job portal is further divided into trade expertise and gender. More than 100 career counselors and job placement center are available to facilitate the youth.

National Employment Exchange Tool (NEXT) is another component to avail the headhunter facility through this program.

There were at least 14 training and skill areas from where national youth may update the skill set. Dr. Bilal shared what SZABIST can do to avail this scheme with the following suggestions:

  1. Institutional Collaboration may need to ensure with concern Departments with SZABIST
  2. SZABIST Students may need to avail the opportunities of  skill development especially in High Tech and Smart Tech Labs
  3. SZABIST can initiate the possibility of development of Incubation center in collaboration stated scheme.
  4. The SZABIST Faculty can also join the specific skill-set trainings

National Youth Council (NYC) is an official national platform and third component for young enthusiasts to play their essential role for the development of youth.

Young people between the age of 15 to 29 years with exceptional performance and achievements on their part can become the member of NYC which is reconstituted every year with new talented & capable volunteers. Dr. Bilal stated that National Youth Conference is the main event of NYC

He shared what SZABIST can do to avail maximum benefits as an institution with the following stated suggestions:

  1. Institutional Collaboration may need to ensure with concern Departments with SZABIST.
  2. SZABIST Students may need to register in NYC process.
  3. The SZABIST Faculty may need identify the potential candidate for same.

Faculty suggested that SZABIST should develop SZABIST Youth Parliament.

Dr. Bilal skipped the description of Tiger Force since and moved to the fifth component Kamyab Jawan Innovation League (KJIL).

KJIL will incentivize about 350,000 eligible undergraduate/ post graduate students from universities and affiliated colleges across Pakistan and AJ&K each year.

PC-1 is approved by Cabinet on March 2021 and first meeting of Project Expert Committee has already took place in the month of Nov 2021.

KJIL Budget allocation is around 450 Million for next three years (FY 2021-24) and its target to benefit 350,000 Students across Pakistan.

He explained 450 winner would be awarded to rupees eighty thousand and five National level winner would be awarded rupees three hundred thousand. Similarly twenty runner up would be awarded to one hundred and fifty thousand. Finally more than one thousand ideas would be recommended for funding from SMEDA as soft loan.

Dr. Bilal elaborated the thematic areas of KJIL with the faculty members and stress them to make sure the participation of SZABIST students in this component.

He described the strengths of SZABIST to attract KJIL grants with the following suggestion:

  1. SZABIST Final Year Projects  (200+ Produced Annually) may need to apply in KJIL
  2. 85 Ph.D  of SZABIST can propose the good ideas in KJIL through Students
  3. SZABIST has five campus means huge potential to bid in KJIL
  4. The HODs  and ORIC Focal Person can pitch the idea in defined fields
  5. Director ORIC is member of project approval committee is added advantage

At the end Faculty Members appreciated Dr. Bilal and asked him to share the details of Kamyab Jawan Program through email. Faculty would further segregated this information in between the students.

The session ended with the vote of thanks from the chair.

Report By:
Nayyar Ahmed Siddiqui

Research Associate