Academia-Academia Linkage
 June 11, 2021,
 ORIC Office, Karachi University

Karachi: SZABIST, ORIC (Office of Research Innovation & Commercialization) went to the ORIC Karachi University.
Director ORIC, Dr. Bilal Ahmed, and Research Associate, Ms. Zareesh Zehra visits Karachi University to meet with team ORIC of Karachi University. MS Zareesh Zahra has initiated this Academia linkage activity to connect with Karachi University ORIC. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the ideas for growth in Academic collaboration.

Prof. Dr Aliya Rehman, welcomes SZABIST–ORIC personals with her team, After the formal introduction the meeting begins with flow of ideas from both teams. Karachi university presented their proposal for SZABIST which includes:

  • To be a part of part of Consortium, which is going to be host by Karachi University along with Management Science departments of multiple universities.
  • Joint FYP or Research projects, support, and assistance could be provided from both ends to take benefit from each other’s facilities and expertise.
  • Capacity building or faculty exchange program could be initiated.
  • Collaborative Grants joint submission could also be taken place in which PI and COPI would be mutual.
  • Participation in the US Pakistan University partnership Grants program by USEEF, which is a collaborative program with University of Karachi Public Administration Department.

On the other end, Dr.Bilal shares his six potential stakeholders of academia for formal-linkages to maintain the balanced-productivity are:

  1. Academia to Academia
  2. Academia to Industry
  3. Academia to Think Tanks
  4. Academia to Government
  5. Academia to Common Public and
  6. Academia to Global Institutions

Dr. Bilal also offers them a Space in ORIC upcoming ORIC NAMA.

After exchanging ideas and offers for each other, both teams discuss the possibilities, outcomes, barriers, and benefits to work together.

In conclusion, it has been decided that firstly SZABIST and Karachi University would conduct a joint physical Activity for faculty and students at Karachi University then we will proceed to the consortium, and later on, MOU could also being held.

Ms. Zareesh Zehra is in coordination with Karachi university-ORIC to bring some productivity on the ground. A Joint research symposium is expected in the second week of July 2021.

News Report by:
Zareesh Zehra
Research Associate