Dr. Bilal Ahmed

Designation: Director ORIC SZABIST
Email: dir.oric@szabist.edu.pk
Telephone: (021) 35821539-41 (EXT # 407)

Director ORIC Message

The university is the institution which provides professional and skilled human capital to society and economy. In addition to this — it is the responsibility of university to address the issues of society and come-up with sustainable solutions through research and innovations.

Keeping above in consideration, the Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) – SZABIST promotes and believes quality of research work to lead innovative ideas to serve the basic problems of common citizen.

ORIC – SZABIST has managed the six dimensional linkages i.e.

  1. Academia to Academia
  2. Academia to Industry
  3. Academia to Think Tanks
  4. Academia to Government
  5. Academia to Common Public and
  6. Academia to Global Institutions to promote robust connectivity and wonderful outcomes

The industry linkages are leading factor in this regards and hundreds of activities performed every year to link the students and faculty with prevailing industry demand and protocol.

The 80 percent of Masters and 50 percent of Bachelor Final Year Projects (FYP) are directly link with industry — many of them found successful startups and business development ideas.  Moreover, ORIC—SZABIST recently introduced the ‘Seed Money Program’ to grant 100 potential ideas every year of funding of Rs. 25,000/- each — to promote the entrepreneurial leadership in enthusiastic students.

ORIC—SZABIST is recipient of tens of research projects awarded by HEC and several other local and global institutions in field of Data-Science & Technology, Bioscience, Industry-4.0, Socioeconomics Issues, Business Researches, Governance and Education.

The Steering Committee of ORIC—SZABIST is the forum of industry linkages and functional entity which provides expert opinion and recommendations on progress of ORIC.

The expansion of ORIC—SZABIST is ongoing process and strategic planning of five year i.e. ORIC Strategic Plan 2021-26 is well defined and professional approved document to guide the upcoming direction of ORIC in framework of contemporary world with technology to harmonize humanity.

We welcome and invite research professional from all over country (Pakistan) and world to exchange knowledge and work together on common cause to lead change with sustainable options of progress, collective wellbeing and happiness.