Dr. Bilal Ahmed

Dr. Bilal Ahmed, Economist and earned Ph.D. in Economics from University of Karachi. Dr. Ahmed is a passionate researcher and professional in field of Industry-Academia Linkages through innovation and commercialization. He also worked as Director Research & Policy in FPCCI and having in-depth of trade, industry, and services and how academic linkages with industry can be capitalized into the welfare of society and business development in the economy. 

He also worked as a consultant in local and global institutions including government projects in the field of Socioeconomic Research, Economics Freedom, Sustainable Development, Governance, Local Government, Decentralization, and Project Management — leaded tens of research projects which also includes diversified large-scale surveys. He also appears on national and international television on issues of economy and development.


Ms. Amber Nasreen Anjum 

Ms. Amber Nasreen Anjum is a specialist linguist with MS in Applied Linguistics & Ph.D Fellow of Applied Linguistics from University of Sindh Jamshoro.  She is a committed and progressive professional with 15 years of experience in Academics, Research, Administrative and Publication.  She has worked as Manager-ORIC and In-charge Directorate-ORIC of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University Nawabshah.  

Ms. Amber found a courageous and determined lady in implementing the challenging tasks including extensive traveling to meet the quality of output.  She also worked on the development of policy drafting pertaining to research project review, linkages and grants bidding. She is activist of innovative research to promote the harmony of society particularly in the context of rural women and ignored communities.  

Ms. Amber is the narrator of Knowledge Economy and aggressively working on the promotion of indigenous entrepreneurship to welfare the society and economy through shared progress and initiate the trickledown of sustainable development.


Ms. Zareesh Zahra

Ms. Zareesh Zahra is an enthusiastic and vibrant professional in the field of Mass Communication especially inclusive progress and governance. She is serving as a  Research Associate in ORIC- SZABIST and completed her Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) in Mass Communication from Federal Urdu University and her research dissertation was on “Media Diet Formulation, a Framework of Content Diversity.”

Ms. Zareesh also worked for leading TV Channels which includes GEO, ARY, and Dawn News; having professional experience of 8 years. She also worked voluntarily for an international NGO as Director Media and Publications. Ms. Zareesh has successfully organized national and international events i.e. conferences, seminars, workshops, and policy dialogs.   

Besides this, Ms. Zareesh teaches and conducts the trainings on issues of qualitative and quantitative topics of research. In addition, she is a professional public speaker and particularly intervenes on mental health, gender equality, and socioeconomics issues.